We believe actions speak louder than words. That's why we encourage our employees to get involved in the causes that are important to them.

The Principal Volunteer Network

Formed in 1972, The Principal Volunteer Network is the oldest corporate volunteer program in Iowa. The program facilitates thousands of hours of employee volunteerism each year, with much of that work done on employees’ own time.

Committed to promoting volunteerism throughout the company, the network is made up of employees from Principal®2020年世界杯小组赛 who actively seek to contribute and improve quality of life in their communities.

2020年世界杯小组赛To encourage employee volunteerism, Principal offers a benefit called Volunteer Time Off (VTO). Through VTO, employees can use eight hours of paid work time per year to volunteer in the community for nonprofit organizations, such as schools or places of worship. The benefit gives employees the chance to use their skills to help others in need.

In 2016, 3,438 domestic employees logged 22,595 hours of VTO. Over the last 11 years, Principal employees have logged a total of ​over 295,000 hours of VTO.

How employees use their VTO

Des Moines Days of Action 

In 2016, 1,200 employees in central Iowa participated in this program to meet the evolving needs of the community and company workforce. The program features approximately 18 projects that allow volunteers to help out at various times throughout the year in a number of causes, including those relating to children, the elderly, the homeless, the environment and animals. The projects are selected each year by the all-employee Days of Action committee, with input from employees of Principal.

Volunteering globally

2020年世界杯小组赛Our volunteer impact is felt across the world. Principal employees have built chicken coops to improve sustainability in Mexico and created an ongoing volunteer program in Sao Paulo, Brazil that teaches young people about business and finance that has reached over 1,000 students. Both in the US and abroad we create positive change.  

In 2016, 14 office locations in six countries, along with numerous teams and individuals organized Global Volunteer Week projects focusing on housing, education, sanitation, hunger or poverty—with over 1,000 employees participating. What a terrific week of solidarity and heart felt giving. We will continue to grow our global giving by focusing our effort around the first ever Principal Global Impact Month2020年世界杯小组赛. We plan to come together as individuals and teams throughout the month of September to make an impact in our communities around the world through dollars and action. Watch for more information as we roll out this new way to come together and give back.

2018 Corporate Social Responsibility report

Our 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report is a deep dive into our community investments, how we’re promoting inclusivity, impacting our community through partnerships, investing responsibly, and sustaining our environment.