In the Workplace

We believe diversity and inclusion are key drivers of creativity and innovation. Throughout our global operations, we strive to make meaningful connections with those in our workplace, marketplace and community.

2020年世界杯小组赛We also strive to create an environment that offers employees a rich, welcoming work experience and opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

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Diversity & Inclusion

We celebrate the different demographics present in our workforce and encourage employees to share and learn from each other to enrich their lives and broaden their view. We also focus on diversity within our customer base and our communities so that we can better anticipate and meet their specific needs in ways they prefer to interact with us. 

Employment Perks

At work, we help take care of our employees’ well-being through benefits and work perks that enrich their lives, can help improve their health and help them balance all the demands in their lives. Examples include our wide variety of wellness programs, a specific focus on flexible work arrangements and our family friendly culture.

2019 Corporate Social Responsibility report

Our 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report is a deep dive into our community investments, how we’re promoting inclusivity, impacting our community through partnerships, investing responsibly, and sustaining our environment.